Why !?

The most ambiguous questioning word among the “Wh” category is “why”.  Because people will come up with different answers for the same “why”…

But Here are some Why’s which we do, even without knowing the reason behind it.
and some are weird why’s which may actually have a answer which I may not know..

Why the keyboard we use have the order qwerty rather than being ABCD ??

Why we cry out of happiness but not laugh out of sadness ??

why we call it as headphone when we listen only through ears !?

why we call it as square and cube when we use powers of 2 & 3  !?

why we have two ears when we can hear with one !?

why we say “give the change” when the shop wala actually needs to give back the “balance” amount

why computer mouse designed like a mouse not like a lizard !?

love/like/affection/ all means the same… but why love alone given more priority when it comes to relationship !?

Why it is called a “smile” y even we send a sad one !?

why the game cricket is  cricket whether its named after the insect or the insect is named after the game ??

Why it is football when people  use their heads too to score goals ??

Why we write it as “queue” when we pronounce it only as ‘Q’

why why why !??

why it is “why” for this blog rather being a what or how !?


and finally 

why I wrote this blog !??